Vildak Treebane

A rookie member of the Bladehawk Company, he's using tracking and precise arrows to compliment his squad.



Vildak was born in the elven kingdom of Merenel. (in progress)

First Adventure with other PCs

Vildak was chasing some members of the Villiard mafia family towards the capital of the zenlash, Srurin. He had been hunting them for over half a year, but when reaching the largest metropolis on Khasmar the ranger faced his greatest challenge yet as a tracker. In the city Vildak eventually got introduced to Argroth, a zenlash who was part of a ship crew on a trading vessel. Argroth claimed to know where the Villiards were holing up, a warehouse belonging to an influential noble family named Zaran. Out of interest for Vildak’s quest Argroth promised to help, and they broke into the warehouse. It was empty, but luckily the elven psion Erevel arrived at the scene to tell that the Villiards had caught trail of Vildak and fled with a cargo ship headed for Herann. The three of them made an agreement, with different motives in mind, to travel to Herann together.

Vildak Treebane

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