Argroth (diseased)

A zenlash using the psionic knives of a Soulblade, this man was one of the original members of The Incident Management Crew.



(work in progress)

First Adventure with other PCs

As a former member of a ship crew Argroth easily got work in the docks of Herann. During a night shift a gang of sea raiders decided to plunder the warehouse where Argroth worked. Erevel saw the plunderers and investigated the warehouse. Inside he spotted Argroth and warned him in a life-threatening moment, and they initiated combat. Gortmog noticed the commotion from the street and charged into the warehouse. Gortmog decapitated the leader and the raiders quickly dispersed.

Current Situation

During the chase for the Box, The Incident Management Crew came upon the campsite of the Parrino ogres, inside an ancient elven ruin. After initiating combat with one of the ogres, Argroth sneaked forward in an attempt to get close. The ogre caught him off-guard though, swinging down with his giant axe and chopping the Soulknife’s head clean off. Even as the rest of the squad fled the scene they mourned the loss of a fellow mercenary and comrade.

Argroth (diseased)

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